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Our Acupuncture services

Alexandra Herold, reg. Ac., offers individualized services with compassion and heart. Feel taken care of the moment you enter our space. 


Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture aims to restore normal functions by stimulating certain points on meridians in order to free up the flow of Blood and Qi. Acupuncture relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system, helps to release pain killer chemicals and feel-good hormones. It is used to encourage natural healing, improve mood and energy, reduce or relieve pain and improve function of affected areas of the body.




In acupuncture, auriculotherapy, reflex therapy, the Laser replaces the needle for point stimulation.

It acts on the synthesis of proteins (ATP) through the mitochondria and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxing and regenerating properties.

Laser stimulation is quick, sterile and painless, as it does not require cutaneous breaches.




A local suction is created on the skin with either glass cups or silicone cups. The suction promotes blood flow, stretches fascia, and encourages healing. It often is used for muscle aches and pain. 

The cups are either placed on the skin for several minutes or they are moved around to create a massage effect. 



Acupressure uses the same treatment principles as Acupuncture, but without needles. The stimulation of acupuncture points and regions happens through touch, or the application of seeds, magnets, rocks or crystals.

With the precise placement and applied stimulation of meridians, the flow of energy and blood is encouraged.

Relaxation, restoring proper energy flow and healing is being supported and fascilitated.  

Treatment Options

Acupuncture treatments

For a complete list of treatment options, please click on the BOOK here button. Here are our most popular treatments.
What’s included

Are you not sure which treatment is right for you? We are happy to help. Book a free discovery call and ask all your questions!



During the Initial Visit we will talk about your main concerns, your health history, create a treatment plan and you will also get your first treatment. Most often I recommend a 60-minute Initial visit which allows enough time for all of the above. Your health investment is 105 CAD. 
Longer and shorter visits are also available, please call if you are unsure what to book.

$60.00 to 135.00


Follow-up treatments are recommended to further improve on your condition. Most of the time we look at anywhere from 4 to 10 treatments. This depends on the severity of your condition, the duration (chronic or acute) and also how you as an individual respond to treatment. 

Please note that I am booked for several weeks in advance. Therefore I suggest, that you may want to book your Initial AND a series of 3 to 4 follow-ups right away, otherwise the time between the first and the second visit might be too far apart.

If you are unsure what treatment length to book, book a 60 minute visit if you have health concerns on BOTH sides of your body (i.e. knee pain AND lower back pain, or neck pain AND digestive health), or book a standard 45 min. visit for a one-sided problem (i.e. knee pain, tummy aches, stress, or back, neck, hamstrings, etc.) If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help! 

$60.00 to 135.00


Our "specials" run under the umbrella of Acupuncture but have their own categories. What we mean by that is that you can book Acupuncture, but come in for specific services, such as Allergy Desensitization, Smoking Cessation, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Fertility treatments or Labor Preparation/Cervical Ripening. 

$85.00 to 135.00